The Mentorship Initiative for Indigenous and Planners of Colour


Gervais Nash


Gervais is an Afro-Caribbean and Metis-Indigenous planner and personal coach. He recently completed his undergraduate degree in urban and regional planning from Ryerson University. Gervais works in mixed-use and purpose built rental real estate development. He is currently working with the Black Planning Project to create a directory of Black land development consultants. He has experience running the public engagement and consultation program at Cloverdale Mall for QuadReal property group. His unique perspective comes from being a part of communities that have been historically displaced in Canada’s creation and those who have arrived relatively recently. Having representation in the land development industry at a young age led him to an interest in city building. A lack of Black and Indigenous representation in his educational experience prompted him to join in co-creating MIIPOC. It is his mission to provide excellent housing options for historically excluded groups though equitable development. He is an advocate for urban equity, for accessible health resources and for high quality public spaces. His work though MIIPOC will always be in service of building capacity, solidarity and strength within and between marginalized groups

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