The Mentorship Initiative for Indigenous and Planners of Colour

Mentorship Program


MIIPOC is an 6-month mentoring program operating between the months of January to June. The program helps build, grow, and enhance the capacity of the community of BIPOC in the field of urban and community planning.

Mentors will have the opportunity to provide emerging BIPOC planners with:
professional guidance in transitioning from school to the workplace, insights into their job, access to professional networks, and job shadowing in a thoughtful, individualized way. Mentees will be proactive in identifying future goals and areas for individual development, seeking insight relative to their situation, and, when appropriate, implementing the recommendations of their mentor.

MIIPOC is based on a learning approach in which both the mentee and mentor learn about the other person, their perspectives, and experiences in order to develop new knowledge and strengthen their practice. While employment may be the outcome at times, this program is not meant to lead mentees directly to employment. Rather, it is an opportunity for the mentee to gain greater insight in the planning field and to expand their networks. It also provides the opportunity for mentors to enhance their understanding of the experiences and barriers faced by planners of colour in the planning field, and to provide relevant guidance and support.

Values and Guiding Principles


We welcome diversity, and our goal is to provide Black, Indigenous and other planners of colour with access to their peers in the industry


We promote equity by empowering those with intersecting and diverse identities and providing them with opportunities to gain work and educational experiences in the field of planning


We will be transparent in our decision making process and respond to the needs and interests of our members so that our actions are aligned with our objectives


We will promote and champion BIPOC planners who are currently practicing or conducting research in line with our values of Inclusion and Equity

How the Mentorship Program is Delivered


Relationship Building

Bringing together a mentor and mentee to build a relationship based on identified interests, experiences, knowledge and professional goals. Goals will be established for the mentoring relationship for guidance, support and professional development.


Community Building Events

Bringing together mentors, mentees, organizational mentors, partner organizational members, and partner organizations through in-person events or an online community. This will include sharing experiences and knowledge of equity in the field of planning in order to build inclusion for BIPOC.


Professional Development

Bringing together mentors, mentees, organizational mentors, partner organizational members, partner organizations, and relevant stakeholders to enhance as well as inspire planning and professional knowledge/skill development amongst our cohort members. 

Want to be a part of the Program?

MIIPOC’s mentors are exceptional planners with several years of planning and overall city-building experience, possessing transferable knowledge critical to the growth of their partnered mentee.

MIIPOC’s BIPOC mentees are aspiring or new planners searching to improve and enhance the quality of their network and professional growth opportunities through a structured mentorship program. 

Have any questions or interested in collaborating? Please reach out.

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