The Mentorship Initiative for Indigenous and Planners of Colour


JC Elijah (JC) Bawuah


Jc Elijah (Eli) M. Bawuah is Afro-Asian queer Urban Planner whose work explores the intersections of socio-spatial dynamics, policy, and equity. Taking an equitable and intersectional approach, Jc Elijah in his planning experience has worked on development applications, master plans, social plans, mobility/transportation projects, and has aided in co-developing the Inclusive Placemaking and Planning for Equitable Cities course at the University of Detroit St. Mercy. He has experience in developing engagement and communication programs centering the lived experiences of the city’s most diverse urban stakeholders, while fostering environments that generate values of reciprocity and sustainability through collaboration. 

Jc Elijah uniquely integrates his knowledge of art and filmmaking into his planning and spatial practice, by creating educational pieces exploring ways contemporary planners can re-center the voices missing at the decision-making table. These voices include those from many diverse groups MIIPOC uplifts and represents. His ability along with openness to effectively create spatial environments that account for the lived experiences of queer, trans, those with disabilities, and racially as well as culturally diverse urbanites, has been an asset to his work in planning and MIIPOC. As a co-creator of MIIPOC, Jc Elijah promises to continue to be held accountable in asking those present to acknowledge and provide a seat for those who are often left out of critical conversations.

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