The Mentorship Initiative for Indigenous and Planners of Colour


Aisha Jallow


Aisha is a Gambian Planner and Photographer who calls Toronto home. She recently completed her Masters of Science in Planning with a specialization in Urban Planning and Development at the University of Toronto and holds a Bachelor of Arts Arts in Geography & Urban Studies from York University.

Through her experiences, she has built a network of professional planners, city-builders and artists who identify as BIPOC. In the past, Aisha has mentored Black Youth as part of a Community Arts Equity Initiative and volunteered as a Community Planning support for a predominantly racialized neighbourhood undergoing revitalization. Aisha has a passion for city-building initiatives and processes that create resilient and complete neighbourhoods, communities and cities and enjoys documenting the connection between the built form, creative expression and storytelling.

 Lack of representation through her educational and professional experiences to some extent has impacted her ability to form deep relationships within the planning practice. This has prompted Aisha to help co-create MIIPOC to create a safe space for BIPOC planners and to strengthen the voices and visibility of those that are often left out of planning discussions.

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